Have Yourself Some Fun in the Subaru BRZ

Rear-Wheel Drive Performance in a Lightweight Package

At some point or another, everyone imagines themselves behind the wheel of a small, rear-wheel drive sports car. Cruising through the backroads of Middleburg with the windows down, music up, changing gears and hugging curves while deftly hitting apex after apex. And at Dulles Subaru in Leesburg, the 2019 Subaru BRZ is waiting for you to get behind the wheel and make that fantasy a reality.

The long nose, contoured LED headlights, short tail, and large alloy wheels all speak to the performance offered by the BRZ, and it brings an approachability to the sports car market that hasn't previously existed.

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Powering all of your Purcellville adventures is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Subaru BOXER® engine that produces 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. And while 205 horsepower doesn't seem like a lot for something that calls itself a sports car, the sub-3,000 pound weight and full-synchronized six-speed manual transmission make it plenty of fun while storming through the twists and turns of the roads leading into Poolesville. And thanks to the low weight, getting up to speed is a blast as well; as you find the clutch bite point and put the power down, the torque will surely put you back in your seat.

Interior Tech

Just because this is a small sports car doesn't mean it lacks refinement inside.

Subaru STARLINK multimedia comes standard with Pandora radio integration, and is also available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can pair your devices and enjoy a familiar, intuitive infotainment experience.

Using these apps you can access nearly everything you do on you phone right from your BRZ model's in-car display. That means your phone calls and text messages will come through seamlessly, but you can do even more with the right apps installed on your phone.

Access Spotify, Apple Music, Google Maps, Google Play, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and more, all from the convenient STARLINK infotainment display.

And to further connect you, the system is also available with voice-activated navigation built-in, and dual USB ports allow you to connect more than one device for both charging and media playback.



In a car that is as fun as the BRZ, it can be easy to forget about safety. Fortunately, Subaru has Purcellville drivers covered in that arena with a host of both active and passive features aimed at keeping you safe.

The vehicle stability control utilizes a series of sensors that monitor your inputs as well as information from each of the four wheels to help you keep everything under control. And when you're in a closed-course environment, you can utilize track mode to remove the aids and hone your driving skill at the limit.

For emergency stopping situations, brake assist is here to help Marshall drivers bring things to a halt in a hurry. If you suddenly and aggressively need to slam on the brakes, brake assist will automatically apply full pressure to all four wheels to help bring you to a stop as quickly as possible.

And should an incident unfortunately occur, dual-stage front airbags, seat-mounted side airbags, and head-protecting side curtain airbags are all installed to help protect you from taking any direct impacts.


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If you've ever thought about bringing home a rear-wheel drive sports car, the time is now. Visit our dealership today to take the fun-to-drive Subaru BRZ for a test drive and experience just how much fun this small car can be. With a tech-packed interior and a power-to-weight ratio that delivers fun at every turn, we're sure you'll fall in love the second you pitch the BRZ into the first corner.