3 Camping Spots near Leesburg


Although summer is coming to an end, there is still time to get in one or two last camping trips in the Leesburg area. If you're not ready to start thinking about putting snow tires on your Subaru, then join us in planning one last camping trip. Here are our choices for prime camping locations near Leesburg:

1. Watermelon Park. Located about 30 minutes from Leesburg in Berryville, Watermelon Park is a top choice for many Northern Virginians looking for a camping refuge from the work-week.  Watermelon Park costs $10-25 per person depending on the day of the week…

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Get Safety, Capability, and Longevity in the Winchester Area with the Subaru Legacy

When you hit the road in a Subaru in the Winchester, VA area, you can be confident that your car will get you from point A to point B comfortably and safely. As a matter of fact, our lineup is filled with IIHS Top Safety Picks.

Furthermore, we've got the longest-lasting midsize sedan on the market for you. After all, when it comes to picking out a car, wouldn't you prefer to take…

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The SUBARU BOXER® Engine Sets Our Vehicles Apart from the Rest in Leesburg

We move to a bit of different beat here at Dulles Motorcars Subaru. As a matter of fact, our entire brand does. New Subaru vehicles look and feel different from anything else out on the road in Leesburg, VA and that's been working for us for quite some time.

That being said, our unique approach isn't just evident on the outside. Our philosophy has made its way into the very heart of every…

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The 2015 Subaru Legacy is the Perfect Sedan for Leesburg Families

There are lots of benefits to driving the 2015 Subaru Legacy in Leesburg, VA. First of all, this ride has been reworked front to back. Not only will you find a striking sedan featured before you when you drop into the Dulles Motorcars Subaru showroom, but you'll also find all kinds of space inside.

Oour signature symmetrical all-wheel drive will be there to help you get out of a jam every now and then…

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Dulles Motorcars Subaru helps you Go Green without Losing any Capability

There was a time when going green in the automotive world meant trading in the space and capability of a crossover for a more efficient, albeit less spacious, sedan. Thankfully, our brand took one look at that predicament and decided it simply wouldn't do.

The R&D team hit the drawing board and developed a hybrid variant to the stylish, rugged, and extra efficient Subaru XV Crosstrek. Just like its gas counterpart, this green…

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Subaru EyeSight® is Looking Out for You, Leesburg

Safety has been the top priority for our brand since the early days. And while we've been leading in the safety sector for quite some time now, Subaru engineers are still raising the bar when it comes to developing helpful technology. With their latest innovation, the R&D team took a unique approach. Rather than simply improving new Subaru model performance in the event of a collision, the team found a way to avoid that collision altogether...

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Get Ready for Adventure in Leesburg with the 2015 Subaru Outback

Given that this is the very first contribution to our Dulles Motorcars Subaru blog, we wanted to be sure to get things going in a big way. And we couldn’t think of any bigger news than the debut of the 2015 Subaru Outback. The model may have gone through a few changes in its 20-year history, but we think you'll agree that this is the most eye-catching iteration to date. To get a feel for all of the style and capability that this ride will be bringing to Leesburg, VA, just click play on the clip below.

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