Should I Lease Or Financing My Next Subaru?

Winchester drivers love their Subaru's for their long-lasting quality, safety, and spirited performance that is ready for every adventure. When it comes time to get say goodbye to your current Subaru and get behind the wheel of a new Outback, Forester or Ascent you will need to decide whether you want to lease or finance your next Subaru. But which financing route is best for you?

When it comes to financing your next Subaru Fairfax drivers will need to decide whether they want to lease or get a loan. But what is the difference between leasing and financing? Both leasing and financing have their benefits but you may be suited to one financing option over the other.

  • Leasing: Leasing is the best financing option for drivers who are looking to get into a new Subaru every couple of years. When you lease a Subaru you are entering an arrangement with us, the dealership, to drive a new Subaru Impreza or Crosstrek for a period of time for a specific amount for an agreed upon amount. When you lease a Subaru you can get behind the wheel of a more expensive model for less. You will also have lower maintenance costs since the Subaru will return to the dealership at the end of the lease and maintenance is covered by the warranty.
  • Financing: Getting a loan to finance your next Subaru is a better option for Middleburg drivers who are looking to own their Subaru for many years to come. After you are done making monthly payments you will own your Subaru outright. Financing your Subaru also give you the ability to make any special modification to your WRX or Forester and there is also no restriction to how many miles you can drive in a year.

Both financing options have their pros and cons. The best way to discover which option is best for you is to stop by the dealership to speak with a member of our financing team. We will be happy to go over both financing and leasing to help you decide which one is best for your unique financial situation.

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