Subaru EyeSight® is Looking Out for You, Leesburg

Safety has been the top priority for our brand since the early days. And while we've been leading in the safety sector for quite some time now, Subaru engineers are still raising the bar when it comes to developing helpful technology. With their latest innovation, the R&D team took a unique approach. Rather than simply improving new Subaru model performance in the event of a collision, the team found a way to avoid that collision altogether.

The breakthrough has been dubbed, Subaru EyeSight® and everyone on our Leesburg, VA staff is impressed with it. However, we aren't the only ones who are excited about the new system.

This latest breakthrough is just one more win in a long line of IIHS victories.

To see how the Subaru EyeSight® works for yourself, we invite you to visit Dulles Motorcars Subaru. Our knowledgeable team can fill you in on all of the highlights and we can even arrange a test drive so that you can get a feel for the added confidence that comes along with driving a Subaru.

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