Dulles Motorcars Subaru helps you Go Green without Losing any Capability

There was a time when going green in the automotive world meant trading in the space and capability of a crossover for a more efficient, albeit less spacious, sedan. Thankfully, our brand took one look at that predicament and decided it simply wouldn't do.

The R&D team hit the drawing board and developed a hybrid variant to the stylish, rugged, and extra efficient Subaru XV Crosstrek. Just like its gas counterpart, this green guy can get you to wherever you need to be... and back home to Leesburg, VA again.

If you happen to be all about efficiency, but you're not quite sure you want to make the switch to hybrid technology, we can still help you out at Dulles Motorcars Subaru. In fact, you can even step up the Subaru Forester to get 170-hp, 174 lb-ft of torque and 32 mpg on the highway. Plus, you still get over 74 cubic feet of cargo space.

The choice is yours, but we're always happy to be your guide. Visit our showroom today to explore the range of efficient options that we have available.

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